We are one of the largest discount stores in Russia, operating under the Svetofor brand, which includes over 800 stores. We are present in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and China, we are currently starting operations in EU countries under the name MERE.

At the moment, we are planning to open stores in Romania, Germany, Azerbaijan and Poland. We are planning to launch 105 retail outlets in Poland.

In our stores you will find a large selection of goods at the lowest prices.

Our advantages are the following:

20% lower prices than market prices, which we get through direct cooperation with producers, rigid cost policy and minimal trade margin.
The customer saves time searching for goods and shopping
In our shop, the customer pays for the goods, not for his brand
Convenient location of stores and easy access
No fees for entry from producers
No additional fees, bonuses and similar mechanisms.
 The clients of the Svetofor network are generally people who like to save time and money. Many of them are middle-income and lower-income families who carefully plan shopping and visit the shop 1-2 times a week.