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Room requirements

  • Located in large and medium-sized cities or in close proximity to roads with heavy traffic and similar.
  • Having convenient access to the property
  • Having a parking lot for at least 30-40 cars
  • Fulfilling the requirements for the alcohol trade license (distance from educational facilities, church etc.)
  • Having a sales room with an area of ​​800 to 1200 m2.
  • Located on the ground floor of the building
  • The sales room is one room
  • The restaurant has two entrances: central (for customers) and a freight gate with the possibility of access and unloading with vehicles with a 20t trailer
  • Room height not less than 4 meters
  • The floor is even, on one level, dust-free, easy to clean, withstand pressure of 3t per m2 (marble tiles / polymer coated concrete floor / industrial floors) in all rooms, a floor guarantee not less than 5 years.
  • Having staff rooms (cloakroom, administration room, food packaging room)
  • With the possibility of separating the cooling chamber with access for customers, with an area of ​​approximately 8-10% of the sales room, with a temperature of 0-4 degrees
  • Walls, ceiling, pillars painted in a bright color
  • Having a tight roof
  • Connected to the sewerage system, with access to cold and hot water
  • Having a heating system (ensuring a minimum temperature of 18 ° С in winter)
  • Temp in the summer in the room not more than + 24 ° С
  • Electricity allocation not less than 40 kW
  • Illuminated with daylight lamps not less than 350lx
  • Fulfilling fire protection requirements, equipped with signaling (with the appropriate organization certificate)
  • Having an alarm installation
  • Having a forced ventilation system
  • Equipped with an entrance zone (vestibule with an air curtain) on the client's side and a transitional space in the supply zone
  • Goods reception area closed by a gate
  • Possibility to connect telephone line and internet to office rooms
  • Documents defining ownership and power of attorney